The happiness project

How do we create a happier world? My happiness project is searching for the answer

After my blogs on happiness and purpose, I was contacted by a lot of people who were struggling. It made me realise that there is a real need for more happiness.

So, I’m exploring ways to create that. I’m running a survey now to understand the need and then I’ll start to create more happiness.

I’d love it if you filled it out. And if you do, you go in the draw to win a $100 voucher of your choice or a 1 hour digital communications consult with me:

–> Take the happiness survey ❤

The Happiest Workplace:

I  am looking to change the way  the modern workplace looks and feels. I’m coining it the Happiest Workplace. I’m looking for writers, creators, content specialists, graphic designers, PR people and social media specialists. We’re open to upskilling people. Right now, we’re just looking for people interested in contract work but if you would like to join our little network and receive updated

–> join over here.


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