Ronald McDonald House

A good meal shared with love can offer the smallest relief to families dealing with the toughest challenges.

Give: For the last few years, I’ve volunteered to cook at Ronald McDonald House.  The house provides accomodation, meals and support to families with a child staying at Wellington Hospital. Their goal is to keep families close and what an important a goal it is.

Our team of four will plan and cook a meal for around 40 people then stay to have a chat to those that want to.

There’s a few reasons I support this charity. The first is that I don’t have children myself but I know the enormous strain being away from your home while you look after a sick loved one.  I also know how important good quality, nutritious food is during stressful, sleepless times. And I love cooking for big groups! It makes my heart fill with happiness to see people enjoying the food I prepared. It’s a really easy way to offer some relief to these families who have likely been to hell and back.

Support RMH

The team in Wellington are incredibly organised and usually look to fill a year with volunteers around January. Get in touch with them to see how you could help, even if it’s sending in baked goods from time to time.


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