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I’m a problem solver and I’m keen to work with you. For an official-looking list of my experience, head to LinkedIn. For a list of my services, head here or check out my current projects. Otherwise, scroll through some of my favourite projects:

Maori TV:

I led the partnership for communications between ACC New Zealand and Maori TV to reduce injuries in the Maori population. My concept was to weave our message into popular shows rather than stamping a logo at the end. We created an ad package for volunteer coaches and used sport safety messages throughout shows like Game of Bros.



School of Hard Knocks: 

I led the communications and social media for this reality show aimed at increasing knowledge around injury prevention. I was able to use our research to prove an increase in knowledge, attitudes and behaviours: rebuild:

I led the complete rewrite of the website content . We went from 10,000 pages and documents to around 1,200 and we were asked to talk about it. I didn’t film mine so check out one of my team, Tania Hockings talking about it at UX New Zealand:


RideForever saving lives:

Over 5 years, I worked on motorcycles communications (along with a bunch of other great people) . I had a particular focus on changing the negative conversation on social channels. One motorcyclist even told us that a post he saw on Facebook saved his life. To further show the humans working behind the scenes at ACC – I suggested we put our Head of Motorcycle Safety in front of the camera. It worked a treat and we have seen a significant uptake in rider training, and positive talk. Here’s one of our latest ones:

AIMS Games media and social:

I managed all media, social media and digital content for ACCSportsmart’s sponsorship of the AIMS Games in Tauranga. This is a sports tournament played over a week with over 10,000 participants from throughout New Zealand. Here’s a small component of our input in the tournament:



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