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Delivering heart: More than a logo

If you’ve ever started a new business, you’ve probably tied yourself in knots trying to decide what to do about your brand. Brand is far more than a logo, that’s just the stamp that ties it all together at the end. To me, your brand is the way you make people feel when they leave you. It’s your values and it’s as much about what you won’t do as what you can do. It’s the principles or kaupapa that underpin all that you do.

So here’s the start of mine (the start because I know it will evolve as I grow and learn).

Katie Brown Creative Ltd

Digital communications delivered with heart

The kaupapa/principles:

  1. Values-based work (makes positive difference): things that are important to me are the environment, uplifting Māori and Pacific people, sustainability, poverty and caring for our elders.
  2. People over profit: all work I do must be ethical. I won’t sell products to people that they don’t need or exploit individuals for profit.
  3. Grow the good (lead with heart): people will feel great working with me, be empowered and spread the good.
  4. Honesty: What you see is what you get. I’ll approach projects and work with honesty and openness. If I can’t help, I’ll let you know and recommend the best person for it.

The visuals:

  1. KB initials: put together, the negative space creates a heart. This is what underpins the brand, everything is led with heart
  2. Clouds: clouds will feature a lot in my visuals. This is because they are symbolic of my creativity and thinking  – limitless, morphing and moving. When the light touches them at just the right time, they create the most beautiful colourful scenes in the sky. And that is like my work – the light is sharing the ideas with others.
  3. Nature: being part Māori, the environment is an important part of who I am so this will be reflected in my images
  4. Bold and bright: my work is daring, bold and bright and the colours reflect that.

The logo was created by one of my good friends Emily Mecchia. She’s a brilliant illustrator and has a swag of beautiful work over here.

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