5 of my favourite podcasts to learn

Are you obsessed with podcasts too? Ever since Serial, I’ve been looking for new podcasts to listen to while gardening, cleaning…driving. I’ve even found myself missing the turn to my street to listen to a little more.

I listen to one for sleep meditation and another for positive intentions to start my day. I love storytelling ones like This American Life or Dirty John. And don’t get me started on true crime…! But today is about teaching ourselves something new. Here’s a few of my recent favourites:

1.All in the Mind – ABC National Radio

This Australian podcast delivers fascinating stories about the brain, behaviour and the connections between the two. We hear from neuroscientists, mental health patients, psychologists and even Buddhist scholars about the latest findings on the brain. One of my favourites is about a neuroscientist who wanted to test consciousness in people considered to be in a vegetative state. The results are incredible.

2. Radio NZ – Various

If you don’t already have the RNZ app, get it. I love listening to the Morning Report and then some of the special reports. One that has stuck with me was The Death of Expertise. It challenged me to look at different perspectives to get outside of my ‘echo chamber’ on social media:


3. Slow Burn – Slate

If you love American politics, you will love this. A delightful look at some of the characters involved in the Nixon Watergate scandal. My all time favourite person was Martha – if you only listen to one episode, listen to her:


4. TED Talks Daily

I know – TED is so expected. But I have learnt some life-changing things in 10 minutes. I like that because of it’s global presence, there is always something different to learn. One that I loved recently was the idea of applying ancient Chinese philosophy to a modern workplace. Be like water: humble and life-giving. Get inspired in just a few minutes:

5. Planet Money 

This finance and money podcast uses real-life stories to explain complex economics. One of my favourites is The Fondue Conspiracy – I never knew cheese could be so fascinating!

Give me more please

I could go on and on, but five seems like a good place to show some restraint. Do you have any great education podcasts you can share with me? And if you listen to any of the ones above, tell me what you think. Let’s learn together!

[I wrote this in March for LinkedIn and reproduced for my website. Since then there are loads more I’ve stumbled upon. Expect an update!]

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